K-Totem, a spatial sculpture

  • 2022
  • Steigiamojo Seimo aikštė, Kaunas
  • Donata Jutkienė / Lina Chmieliauskienė // Partneris: Designregio Kortrijk

Kaunas is getting gifts for its letter K! It’s not just any letter. It’s also a multifunctional, spatial sculpture. K-TOTEM will become a space for self-expression by local graphic designers and illustrators. This idea came about during the cultural collaboration between two K’s – Kortrijk (Belgium) and Kaunas – both members of the UNESCO Cities of Design network. Kortrijk, an aspirant for designation as European Capital of Culture in 2030, has presented a gift to the city of Kaunas – a three-dimensional letter K sculpture which will be decorated with constantly changing visual designs in Kaunas and provide an opportunity to showcase the work of as many local designers as possible.

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